About Us

MONO NO AWARE began as a single exhibition of expanded cinema performance that has grown into an organization promoting cinematic art, film screenings, and performance year round.

The annual exhibition is held to give open forum to work that, because of its transient nature, might not otherwise find a venue in a traditional movie theater, gallery or stage. Inherent in the work is a sense of connectivity and shared viewer experience. The curated program focuses on live projected elements as part of sculpture, installation and performance. Streaming digital media and internet content tend to foster the singular, passive viewing experience. MONO NO AWARE, the exhibition, creates an ephemeral environment for work that is counter to excess and accessibility. To emphasize this distinction, we exhibit work that is one part celluloid film or live altered light projection.

Our workshop series has helped us to build our community locally and abroad. We share our knowledge of filmmaking techniques with hopes to encourage others to create work of this nature. Workshops are held seasonally throughout the year.

There is magic in seeing a film print projected, a presence a poet has when reading their own work, a feeling that resonates in your chest when seeing music performed live. For these reasons we encourage live projections with live additional audio, visual and performance elements. We engage with and support artists who create experience through film.

MONO NO AWARE has visited and presented special programs at arts organizations and universities, including New York University, Yale University, Fordham University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Tribeca Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival, and the Aurora Picture Show.