In this NEW OFFERING, participants will learn how to create Liquid Light Projections from the New York performance group, A Clockface Orange. Reminiscent of the psychedelic projection shows popularized in the late 60s to accompany live music and wild parties, liquid light shows comprise of layers of colored oil and alcohol moving over the heat of a lamp to produce brilliant color patterns. At the start of the workshop, we will give a brief history and science of the process. Next we will cover proper equipment and related materials, and demonstrate various techniques. We will then get our hands dirty (literally) and begin heavy experimentation to develop and collectively present our own liquid light show. As a group, we will perform during at the MONO NO AWARE free screening party. Sunday September 4th.

** Note: Please be aware that we will be working with strong oil-based dyes and it has a tendency to get messy! Dress accordingly.

INSTRUCTION: 1 Sessions + Screening Party

SATURDAYS: August 27th from 11 AM – 5 PM
Sunday September 4th Free Screening Party at 7 PM

316 Dean Street, Unit 3L, Brooklyn, NY 11217

INSTRUCTORS: Rachael Guma & Genevieve H.K. of A Clockface Orange

INCLUDES:  One 6-hour classroom instruction session and access to all materials; lenses, oils, dyes, projectors, filters, Liquid Light informational course packet, HD documentation of performance, HD online hosting of documentation, local & international festival entry waivers.

WORKSHOP: $145 all inclusive

COURSE CAP: 6 participants