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Please join Mono No Aware and friends for a selection of films made by members of- extended family- and produced with the support of- the cinema-arts non-profit organization MONO NO AWARE. PLUS+ Special opening program includes three films by members of LEC Laboratorio Experimental de Cine, our extended family in D.F. Mexico - and the premiere of 35MM films shot on Kodak Motion Picture Film in our workshop series! Reception begins at 7 PM (DON'T BE LATE) screening at 8 PM sharp. This is also the unofficial b-day for Chloé Rossetti. Only -$7! Beverages by donation in the lobby!


El Guaraches

by Azucena Losana (MONO amigos)

“El guaraches” (leather sandals) is the nickname of the owner of this traditional mezcalería and handmade-sandal shop in Cuicatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. From his collection of handcrafted mezcal bottles made by Oaxacan families, we chose two of the “Porn” collection to go….

Ejercicio sobre la desaparición

by Fabiola Torres-Alzaga (MONO amigos)

"Exercise of disappearance" It is a brief exercise about the limits of the gaze, the word that makes visible the invisible and the way the world of the visual has to transcend, beyond the borders of the screen, in a space of illusion created by desire.


by Elena Pardo and Morris Manuel Trujillo (MONO amigos)

Disappear: to stop being in sight or in a place / cease to exist.


Cold Butter, 2017

by Alex Faoro (MONO instructor) S8MM to HD

I have worms, 2016

by Hannah Schilsky ( MONO participant) S8MM

"Homing Devices", 2017

by Carmen Daneshmandi (MONO participant) S8MM to Digital

"Homing Devices" is a stream of consciousness Super 8mm film that explores and honors the pursuit of home found in people, places, and things that without being your own kin can make you feel closer to who you are. Its title is a re-purposing of the military term to better aim at a return to one’s self."

Cello Screen Test, 2017

by Wren Kistler (MONO participant) S8MM to HD

This film is a portrait of a queer high femme anthropomorphic drag cello living their best life.

Eclipse in 3 Parts, 2017-2018

by Brighid Greene (MONO instructor) S8MM NEG to HD

When the sun momentarily slips directly behind the moon, a documentary series of the 2017 total eclipse that passed around America.

Untitled (excerpt from a work-in-progress)

by Chloe Zimmerman (MONO instructor) 16MM NEG to HD

Tiny Pieces, 2017 16MM PRINT

by Stephanie Ayala (MONO participant)

The inspiration for this video was taken from my childhood imagination. My life was pictured as a storybook, unraveling as another young girl read through its pages. The floor for Tiny Pieces was made with form board then layer with a plastic bag that I had cut up then glued small wood circle chips and iridescent paper on top. The Barbie doll clothes were handmade by my mother and me when I was in the 5th grade for a school project. The hand pulling the doll away is my little sister Erin.

Hortus Morte, 2017

by Jess Lynch (MONO instructor) 16MM PRINT

An exploration of the spirit of place, the ocean of the dead, and the spaces in-between.


by C Denniston (MONO participant) 16MM PRINT

Ling Ling, 2016

by Annie Ling (MONO instructor) 16MM PRINT

Blue, 2017

by Julie Orlick (MONO instructor) 16MM PRINT

HURTY, 2017

by Sonja Eklund (MONO participant and instructor) 16MM PRINT

Hurty, the tenderhearted wrecking ball rolls through skyscrapers, commerce and the industrial sprawl of today's cruel landscape to reluctantly destroy yet another relic of a simpler more human era.

The Holy Valentine, 2016

by Luke Hinton ( MONO participant) 16MM PRINT

A boy performs a ritual with his True Love, & consecrates a kiss.

The Head Persists, 2018

by Craig Scheihing (MONO instructor) 16MM PRINT


by Stephanie Matthews Santana ( MONO participant) 16MM PRINT

An ancestor is called upon.

The Fact In The Case, 2017 16MM PRINT

by Nikolai Basarich (MONO participant)

A case. A labyrinth. A realization.

Fearless, 2016

by Emily Vazquez (MONO participant) 16MM PRINT

Dead Horse, 2016

by Andrea Nappi ( MONO participant) 16MM PRINT

Dead Horse is a cross processed 16mm color negative film that explores the small and concealed beach in New York City known as "Dead Horse Bay." This film works as both a portrait of this otherworldly place, but also as an inspection of the many treasures to be found hidden within the sand.

Fishy, 2017

by Carolina Mandia (MONO instructor) 16MM PRINT

A film about a perfume

Fantômas, 2017

by Shane Fleming Films

The spirits of long-deceased New Yorkers make their daily rounds through an abandoned factory in Brooklyn.

Prière de toucher (Please Touch), 2017

by Lauren Oliver ( MONO participant) 16MM PRINT

'Prière de toucher (Please Touch)' is a 16mm film by Lauren Oliver. It is inspired by 'Le Surréalisme en 1947' an exhibition catalog conceived by André Breton, Marcel Duchamp and Enrico Donati.

Held Over Shore, 2016

by Eryka Dellenbach (MONO instructor) 16MM-HD

Held Over Shore mines the early stages of a performance work by Matty Davis and Ben Gould on a sweltering day. The work, entitled 'Carriage', is motored in part by the energy of Gould's Tourette Syndrome and engages physicalized forms of resistance and balance that confound care, provocation, and necessity. Davis and Gould's precarious dynamic, further deconstructed with rich and melodically-disjointed sonic interventions, induces a slow evaporation of control and orientation.

Koropokkuru, 2016

By Akiko Maruyama & Philippe Roy (MONO instructors) 16MM - HD


35MM PROGRAM **********

Stoop, 2017

by Jason Harper (MONO instructor) 35MM PRINT

Orchards, 2018 (Work-in-Progress), 35MM PRINT

Man goes shopping.

by Zev Fagin (MONO patron and participant)

SUNRIDER, 2018, 35MM 2 perf to DCP

by Chloé Rossetti

SUNRIDER explores the lives of a group of earth’s survivors, living regenerative lifeways on a pregnant, terraformed, asteroid earthship called AURORA, one of five of its kind. A refugee AI program, also called AURORA, forms the godlike embodied consciousness of the earthship. A group of Sunriders "pilot" AURORA by connecting with her on the subconscious level, though it is perpetually unclear who is piloting whom.

Mono No Aware is a film positive community established in 2007. The org offers affordable film-making workshops, accessible camera / editing equipment and dry/wet-lab facilities, distribution of film stock, chemistry, presents monthly screenings and runs an annual exhibition of expanded cinema and performance art incorporating the moving image on film. To learn more visit:

This presentation is made possible by the support of NewFilmmakers New York and the Brooklyn Arts Council

MONO NO AWARE workshops are made accessible and affordable by Kodak, Foma, Photographers Formulary & 19th Century Workshops, Cpr Cpr, Gowanus Darkroom, Colorlab, Cinelab, Metropolis Post and the dozens of former participants who have become like family to the org- giving their time and sharing their passion for film to the greater community.