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EASTMAN EXR 50D / 12T SP Film 7245

EASTMAN EXR 50D Film / 7245 SP
(16 mm) is a slow-speed daylight-balanced color negative camera film intended for daylight motion-picture production. It features microfine grain, very high sharpness, and high resolving power. The wide exposure latitude of this film makes it great for outdoor photography under a wide variety of conditions.

This film is balanced for use with daylgiht light, but you can expose it with tungsten with filters. The emulsion contains a colored-coupler mask for good color reproduction in release prints. See the test roll we shot with this film below, it looks great esp with a slight color correction! We shot by over exposing 1 full stop.

Currently available:
100ft daylight spools – $ 24
400ft cans -$ 88 (save $8)