You are welcome to submit. MONO NO AWARE is an international exhibition open to any person or group of persons making contemporary art that incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a sculpture, installation, dance, or expanded cinema performance. For example: blending film & theater performance, musicians creating a visual experience for their sound, & experimental filmmakers working with storytellers.  Works existing on digital video will not be considered. All moving images should be from an analog source.

Part of our purpose in having this gathering is to put an emphasis on the cinematic experience. We believe there is magic in seeing the film projected as a print. There is a presence a poet has reading his/her own writing. There is a feeling that resonates in your chest when seeing a band live. For these reasons we are encouraging live music, performance and audio to expand the cinematic experience beyond the screen. We ask that in the spirit of the festival you not video or create copies of your performance. Some participants have gone as far as to destroy the work after its first run at the event.

Over the last 12 years, MONO NO AWARE has grown from 70 audience members on a single evening in 2007 to having 4000 audience members over twenty-two nights in 2016. In addition, we acquired the prestigious 501c3 non-profit status this year. Now, all of our initiatives are eligible for local, state, and national grant funding and donations made my individual donors and patrons are tax-deductible. None of this would exist without the contributions and support from every person who crossed path with us. We are a small group of dedicated individuals who take the time to read each submission carefully, view all associated materials, visit studios, and we work very diligently to present a well curated program each December. In order to create the best possible experience for both the participating artists and attending audience members, we ask that you make a small donation to the event with your submission. If you believe in what we are doing and understand the value of an event that takes the better part of a year to coordinate, then we ask that you give generously. Thank you.





Deadline: All submissions must be received by Midnight EST October 31, 2018
Notification: All entrants will be notified of submissions status by November 7, 2018
Event: December 5th through the 9th, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY

Contact us with any questions regarding your submission!

MONO NO AWARE is proud to promote the 16mm direct animation work An Ecstatic Experience by Ja'Tovia Gary as our festival image this year.  Ja'Tovia is a former workshop participant from 2013, who became an instructor with the organization and continues to 'posit a future in which Blackness, the feminine, and non-traditional ontologies are centralized' on and off screen. 

To learn more about her work please visit: