2 sessions + 2 day rental + Screening Party

In this NEW OFFERING, participants will learn how to create their own 3-D anaglyphic films on 16mm. Working with the Bolex issued Stereoscopic Lens (f=12.5) we’ll explore anaglyphic 3-D motion picture filmmaking techniques.  You’ll learn how to load, run, maintain and operate the Bolex H16 M camera, how to mount your lens and shoot for optimal results.  The workshop will consist of three parts; an instructional session on the camera, then a two day rental of the camera kit and lens with 100; of black and white 16mm film; after you shoot, we'll take the negative film roll and colorize it using filters on the Optical Printer.   You'll learn to load, run, and operate the JK Optical printer to generate the classic CYAN / MAGENTA look of 3-D!  The goal is to create a short film on 16mm which we can project at the screening party.   We will also discuss how to promote your short piece through a list of friendly film festivals. All materials will be provided for. Finished projects will be presented after the conclusion of the course at our screening party.


TUESDAYS:  July 10th and July 24th from 7:00 – 9:15 PM
Two-day Shoot to be scheduled individually.
Free Screening Party on Sunday August 5th at 7PM

LOCATION: MONO NO AWARE HQ 33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217

INSTRUCTORS:  Steve Cossman

PRICE: $355 all inclusive.

INCLUDES:  2 classroom instruction sessions, 2 day camera kit rental , 100 feet of B/W film stock and lab processing, 100 feet of 16 mm COLOR NEGATIVE film stock and processing and 100' work print + processing from ColorLab, access to Optical Printer, and projection equipment, Plus you'll receive an informational course packet, retain your negative camera original, your edited projection ready work print, HD video transfer of finished film by Metro Post, HD online hosting of finished film, local & international film festival entry waivers.  

COURSE CAP:  6 participants

SAMPLES:  See samples below from our Stereoscopic B/W offering ** requires glasses ;)