1 session + Screening Party

This one-day workshop will demonstrate how to coat clear 16mm leader with cyanotype chemistry, expose properly in the sun, process and then project images on film! The simple, DIY procedure yields brilliant blue imagery through the processes of making photograms and contact printing. Participants will learn to use this 19th-century photographic process in combination with 16mm film to create their own photograms or contact prints without traditional equipment. Participants are encourage to bring translucent fabrics, small objects, and 16mm negatives to be used in the creation of their own cyanotype film though all the necessary materials will be provided.

INSTRUCTION: 1 Session + Screening Party

SUNDAY: September 10 from 10AM-4PM
Free Screening Party on Sunday October 15 at 7PM

LOCATION: Center for Performance Research (CPR)
361 Manhattan Ave, Unit 1, Brooklyn, NY

INSTRUCTOR: Craig Scheihing

INCLUDES:  100 feet of 16mm film stock that has been coated with cyanotype solution, EIKI 16mm Projector for screening of cyanotype demo reel and finished films by participants, access to guillotine splicer and splicing tape, guided instruction with informational packet, necessary materials to create contact prints, HD video transfer of film by Metro Post, local & international film festival entry waivers.


COURSE CAP: 10 participants

 SOLD OUT !  Please check out one of the other amazing workshops we have lined up for the Fall.