2 sessions + Screening Party

Participants of this workshop will learn the how to create their own black and white emulsion in order to coat, dry, shoot, process and project your very own film stock. You'll learn about ripening, shredding, washing, sensitizing and stabilizing the emulsion.  We'll mix a large batch together as a group and discuss how to avoid fogging and gain some mastery/control over contrast. We'll discuss all the tools and materials you'll need to continue to experiment and manufacture (on a small scale) your very own stock.  You'll leave the class with the hands on experience of emulsification, coating, shooting and an understanding of processing chemistry needed to reveal the images of your hand-made emulsion for motion picture film.

SUNDAYS:  June 4th and 11th from 10AM-4PM
Free Screening Party on Sunday July 9th at 7PM

LOCATION: Gowanus Darkroom
160 Seventh Street, Unit #212, Brooklyn, NY 11215

INSTRUCTORS: Steve Cossman and Brandon Rowe

PRICE: $250

INCLUDES:  2 classroom instruction sessions, all the materials needed to create your own emulsion, tools, cameras, processing tanks, developers, projectors and HD scan of your finished material by Metro Post.

COURSE CAP:  8 participants