MONO NO AWARE x Film-makers Coop Screening

FRIDAY, September 22nd @ Film-makers Coop at 7pm-9pm

In an effort to bring closer communities of independent filmmakers in New York, on September 22, 2017 we invite you to a presentation of short films by members of The Film-Makers’ Cooperative and MONO NO AWARE.

The films in this program are either in the archives at the Film-Makers’ Coop, the result of a MONO NO AWARE workshop, or works by former students or instructors at MONO NO AWARE and they have been curated with the intention of showing a snapshot of a variety of less conventional filmmaking techniques to expand ways of thinking about the medium.

Curated by Carolina Mandia.


FANTÔMAS(2017), by Shane Fleming. 1.5 min.
THE SCARY MOVIE (1993), by Peggy Ahwesh. 8 min.
AMANI & RAE (2014), by Ellie Parker. 4 min.
LUCY'S TERRACE (2009), by Caryn Cline. 4.5 min.
FOUR ANIMATIONS ABOUT BLACK PIZZA (2014-16), by Nora Rodriquez. 2 min.
ENOUGH (1993), by Emily Hubley. 5 min.
SILVER BLUES (2015), by Columbine Macher. 2.5 min.
RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME (1946), by Maya Deren. 14.5 min.
ATTILA SCREEN TEST (2016), by Tzu-An Wu. 3 min.
TEEN DREAM (2015), by Katherine Bauer. 8 min.
A WALK THROUGH ALPHABET CITY (2016), by Zach Hart. 13 min.
SEOUL ELECTRIC (2012) by Richard Tuohy. 7.5 min.

** MONO NO AWARE, est 2007 is a cinema-arts non-profit organization that hosts an annual exhibition of cinema arts (our last festival opened with a screening of a dual projection performance with Carolee Schneemann and presented the work of over 150 international filmmakers), we present regular monthly screenings, offer workshops in traditional film-making (supported by NYSCA), run equipment rentals, film sales, chemistry, wet/dry lab facilities and a library of history, theory, and technical manuals related to cinema arts.