"MONO XNever - Still"


58 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11249
7:00 - 10:00 PM


Never - Still is a fantastical, 3-dimensional space-ship that navigates the virtual seas of moving images conceived by transnational Hong Kong artists, Jolene Mok and Carla Chan. Featuring large-scale projections alongside live sound performances by GraceElaine Osborne, we embark on an immersive voyage through worlds marked by constant natural transformations - colossal clouds, unfolding cosmics, transitional living spaces and revisiting ghosts - a state of moving in-between natural, human and imaginary terrains that is perpetual and momentary at once.

In a new age of itinerant artists who live and work across shifting geographical/social landscapes, how does this ever-reaching and arriving become a part of their practice? How does moving, on screen or in life, propel this rhythmic cycle of emergence?

This multimedia performance is curated by independent artist and cultural worker Tiffany Fung, in collaboration with Mono No Aware X.

Jolene Mok (1984) is an experimental artist who takes video art & experimental film as her major creative platforms. Since 2011, she has taken interest in undertaking artist residency programs in remote locations and creating work alongside local communities.  Her work has travelled worldwide to exhibitions, academic conferences and research expeditions in Finland, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Brazil, & U.S. 

Carla Chan (1988) is a contemporary artist working in video, installation, photography and interactive media. Currently based in Berlin and Hong Kong, her recent practice focuses on the ambiguity in nature by bridging natural transformation and unpredictable computer algorithms. Chan has been featured in international exhibitions including ZKM Germany, ISEA2016 Hong Kong, Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel in Switzerland, and was shortlisted in The Lumen Prize and Discovery LOOP Barcelona Video Art Award (2016). Her work also features visual artist and composer Ulf Langheinrich (b.1960).

GraceElaine Osborne is a musician and practitioner of a variety of vibrational healing arts. Currently a PHD candidate at New York University, she is expanding her practice of sound-making by researching on vibrational and sound healing modalities, spaces, and practitioners. In her healing practice she focuses on creating safe space and incorporates various healing modalities such as Reiki, sound bowls, plant medicine, and astrology. She has also performed as a musician at various venues, most recently at Danspace Project.

Tiffany Fung  is a Hong Kong artist, curator and cultural worker currently based in New York. Her practice integrates moving images, mixed media installations and community organizing to explore common cultural/socio-political struggles. She is also the co-founder of Distill HK [ 川 ], an international collective of Hong Kong artists local and abroad.

Under the name of LEIMAY, the artistic duo of Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya create individual and collaborative works ranging from sculptural, video, and light installations to photography, training projects and contemporary performances. Their endeavors take place at their home in Willamsburg, CAVE, as well as at other venues in New York and beyond, including BAM Fisher, Japan Society, The Lab Gallery, The Watermill Center, The Asian Museum of San Francisco and The Carnegie Mellon University.

“As a transnational and traveling artist myself, I am grateful to have taken part in one of Mono no Aware's filmmaking workshops and now become part of such a dedicated, passionate and vibrant community. The organization not only inspired my personal artistic journey but showed me the universal language of film that crosses boundaries between people of different social and cultural backgrounds, connecting otherwise separate lives to create and celebrate new cinematic experiences.” - Tiffany Fung