Screening Premiere & Party for Films with Mono

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SUNDAY November 4th, 2019 @ Anthology Film Archives from 3:00-5:00pm


Films shot on Kodak Color Negative processed and edited work prints on 16MM:
Ryan Sloan - Withershins
David Kersul - I’m Being Drowned
Mariana Meraz - Only Love Letters
Nick Bowlden - Untitled
Victoria Waples - FALX!
Madeline Morrisey - Fancy Feast
Jess Magee - What She Knew
Courtney Muller - Morgan’s Hands
Rebecca Hunt - Negress Propaganda
Craig Schattner - Nothing Really Matters
Eoin MacManus - Waiting

Films shot on Foma 100R processed reversal and edited for projection:
Carolyn S. - A Reflective Moment
Jackson Dodderidge - metro, boulot, dodo
Zack Samuelson - Still See You
Fernando D. Maldonado - Untitled
Jamie Mancham-Case - Find Me
Emily Laue - Transmission
Jakob Post - Esperanza
Alan Stearns - Untitled
Austin Kase - Fowl Play

Films made on 16MM with direct animation techniques:
Duncan Ranslem - White Out
Ian Giles - Spice Up Your Life
Matt Wagler - Masks X Veils
Emma Penrose - Orbs
Joshua Woods - No Monkey Business

Films shot on Tri-x BW reversal using a Matte Box:
Emma Penrose
Shane Fleming
Erica Sheu
Felicia Atanasio

** MONO NO AWARE, est 2007 is a cinema-arts non-profit organization that hosts an annual exhibition of cinema arts (our last festival opened with a screening of a dual projection performance with Carolee Schneemann and presented the work of over 150 international filmmakers), we present regular monthly screenings, offer workshops in traditional film-making (supported by NYSCA), run equipment rentals, film sales, chemistry, wet/dry lab facilities and a library of history, theory, and technical manuals related to cinema arts.