"Sandy Ding: NIGHT AWAKE"


SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2017 @ CPR - Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Additional time for discussion / Q & A with artist SANDY DING


New York Premiere of Night Awake

Sandy Ding is a experimental filmmaker from Beijing, China. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts Film and Video MFA in 2007, and now teaching in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. His films are distributed by Canyon Cinema and LIGHT CONE (France). Most of his films are focused on mysteries and the subconscious, using film material and digital techniques to escalate the screen. He also work on sound and experimental music. His work has been shown in festivals and private screenings inside and outside China.

"Night Awake"is an experimental noise film provoking 3rd eye opening with image and sound. By transferring camera into a spiritual median, the lunar god has taught messages in the gap of time. The film is from grave yard, and it is a textile of death, which made the lucid light shines in the depth of many dimensions.

To call the third eye awakening, we shell not agitate the surface of the mind and physical eye, but soothes, and provokes the third eye to awaken. In the gap of time, the flame of images that rise and become eternity, is forming the rhythm and the speech, which is the way it is. The teachings received in green crystals and has been translated to film. In distanced mysteries and the half rotten film media is the art of death and awakening, which more about that itself then other content. The messages are hard to put into speaking language and words, but more easily put into image and sound sequences, for me, these sequences always appear in the darkest hours at nights, when I am fully awake...

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