6 Sessions + Screening Party


Learn the art and craft of hand-making Super-8mm films on B/W film!  This will be a hands-on class designed for the beginner that covers all aspects of Super-8mm film-making: cameras, angle, story, exposure, lighting, editing, and projection. Students will conceive, shoot, edit, and process their own silent one-reel films. We will also discuss alternatives to projection, sound and how to promote your short film work with a list of Super-8mm friendly film festivals around the world.  All equipment and materials will be provided for. Finished projects will be presented after the conclusion of the course at our screening party.

INSTRUCTION: 6 Sessions + Screening Party

MONDAYS: October 16, October 23, November 6, and November 13 from 7:00 – 9:15PM @ CPR
Saturday October 28 (DAY SHOOT) from 10:00 AM – 5:00PM
Sunday October 29 from 10am-4pm, Hand Processing @ Gowanus Darkroom
Free Screening Party on Sunday November 19 at 7PM @ CPR

Center for Performance Research (CPR)
361 Manhattan Ave, Unit 1, Brooklyn, NY

&  Gowanus Darkroom
160 Seventh Street, Unit #212, Brooklyn, NY 11215

INSTRUCTOR: Akiko Maruyama TA: Alex Faoro

WORKSHOP:  $310 special combination workshop price:  two workshops!

INCLUDES:  5 classroom instruction sessions, 1 day shoot, 50′ cartridge of Kodak TRI-X film, all chemistry/development equipment and access to processing, access to camera equipment, editing supplies and Super-8mm projectors, informational course packet, HD video transfer of finished film, HD online hosting of finished film, local & international film festival entry waivers.