4 all-day sessions, 3-day camera rental, private editing sessions, lab-access & screening party


In this new workshop offering, participants will learn the contemporary workflow for shooting, processing, editing, titling, contact printing, and projecting on Super 16mm from start to finish.  Its FIVE workshops in ONE !   We'll begin by reviewing the camera basics; exposure, prime lenses, then learn how to load, focus, run, maintain and operate the Eclair Super 16mm ACL camera.  We'll cover current options and manufacturers of B/W negative camera stocks then schedule a 3-day rental of the Super16mm package with 200ft of B/W negative film stock of your choice (KODAK TRI-X or KODAK DOUBLE-XX).   After your shoot,  you'll learn how to strike your own work-print on our contact printer to begin editing on the flat-bed editing table.  We'll shoot and process titles/credits in an all-day workshop.  From there we'll discuss options for projection of the workprint and making an internegative for duplicating your film.  You will complete the workshop with the knowledge and skill set to complete a film on Super16mm and how to edition your work on film!  We will also discuss how to promote your short piece through a list of friendly film festivals. All materials will be provided for. Finished projects will be presented after the conclusion of the course at our screening party.

May 6 from 11AM-2PM, 16mm Refresher @ Mono No Aware HQ
May 6-May 27, 3-day camera Rental to be scheduled
May 27 from 11AM-4PM, Contact Printing & Processing @ Gowanus Darkroom
June 10 from 11AM-4PM, Titling Workshop & Flatbed editing @ Mono No Aware HQ
June 24 from 11AM-4PM, Internegative to Positive Print Workshop @ Gowanus Darkroom

Free Screening Party on Sunday July 9th at 7PM

Mono No Aware HQ 316 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11217
Gowanus Darkroom 160 Seventh Street, Unit #212 Brooklyn, NY 11215

INSTRUCTORS:  Steve Cossman

PRICE: $775

INCLUDES:  SIX workshops in one;   4 classroom instruction sessions, 3-day camera rental, 200 feet of KODAK 16MM film stock,  access to flat-bed editing equipment and supplies. 16mm projectors, titling stand, contact printer, chemistry, darkroom access, informational course packet, HD video transfer of film by Metro Post, HD online hosting of finished film, local & international film festival entry waivers.

COURSE CAP: 6 participants

Please select film stock